Incredible Acura Art Event
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Presentation Party

September 25th, 2009

The Boys & Girls made incredible "Thank You" posters using Diane Morgan's "Highway to Heaven" for inspiration.


The staff of Acura of the Desert; staff, director and children of the Boys & Girls Club; artist Diane Morgan (center, holding the check), and Rick from IncredibleArtist.Com

The artwork of the talented Boys & Girls Club of Cathedral City


Main Event Party

June 27th, 2009

Some of the Incredible Art

Even more Incredible Art!

Diane Morgan's "Highway to Heaven" hangs above its model

The work of Danny Hughes at the Acura entrance

The Boys & Girls Club of Cathedral City

John Melkonian Raku pottery

CBS Local 2 filming the party's opening

The talented UncleJack take the stage!

Enjoying the event

Delicious food donated by generous sponsors!

The name's Aheram, Jayel Aheram.

The silent auction

CBS 2's Scott Hennesee and family enjoying the event

Acura of the Desert's Victor Olechno and Greg Gleeson with John Kornfeld's "Acrobats"

Artist Diane Morgan (center) with guests

One of UncleJack's younger fans gets her groove on

The party's in full swing!

Acura's Greg Gleeson with Jayel Aheram's "War and Peace"

Acura of the Desert's Gary Stone

Acura's Rosemary with Danny Hughes' "Elohim"

Artist Snake Jagger

A rare photo of Rick Pantele actually sitting down for a minute!


The new owners of Jack Lemmon's scooter from the silent auction


Pre-Show Photos

Boys & Girls Club of Cathedral City CEO Scott Robinson and friends

CBS "Eye on the Desert"'s Scott Hennesee interviews artist Jude Bischoff

The photos of Locke Heemstra

Acura's Gary Stone under a "Death Valley Purple Sunset"

An art fan enjoying the work

Snake Jagger's "Desert Moonlight"

Scott Hennesee interviewing Diane Morgan beneath her "Highway to Heaven"

The Raku pottery of John Melkonian

Rick Pantele, Scott Hennessee, and Diane Morgan

"Eye on the Desert" preparing to interview Scott Robinson

Photo credits: IncredibleArtist.Com